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Introducing the new Tornos Cyklos.

The Cyklos is the first of a new kind of surface treatment machine that can be installed in a standard mechanical workshop. Unlike a traditional process that works using vertical immersion, the Cyklos works by rotating, thus guaranteeing superior quality.


Surface processing has traditionally been physically kept separated from machining. The size of the installations and buildings, the safety requirements and the environmental hazards of the chemical processes refrained workshops, with a few exceptions, from investing in and operating surface processing equipment in-line with machining (even though most of the finished parts go through a surface processing step such as anodizing, phosphating, electroplating prior to delivery of finished parts to the customer. As a consequence, there has been an interruption in the manufacturing flow of finished parts, increasing lead time, logistic costs and defects.  Tornos tackles these three points simultaneously and enables a continuous manufacturing flow with the Cyklos solution, a unique technology combining a surface processing equipment and process in a compact, zero reject, high performance and low cost of ownership tool.



The Cyklos concept is based on a patented technology owned by Tornos in which parts are transported from bath to bath on small carriers which rotate as the parts move through the machine.  Since typically hundreds of parts can be loaded on each carrier and a carrier can enter the machine every two minutes, the machine throughput can continuously process parts at a rate of one part per second. As each carrier undergoes the exact same processing sequence and since the process (chemicals, temperature, voltage,…) is entirely computer-controlled, the stability of the processing performances is ensured. Plus, the carrier performs several complete rotations in the processing baths, eliminating gas and non uniformities seen in existing electro-chemical processing solutions. Hence, the Cyklos technology achieves an unprecedented combination of productivity, stability, quality and uniformity.


Moreover, since the carriers remain always either inside the baths or just above the liquid surface, a very efficient and cost effective trapping of vapors from the bath is enabled. In addition, the cross-contamination from bath to bath is drastically reduced by the rotation of the carriers and the large surface ratio of parts over carrier. It is therefore possible to filter and trap all hazardous vapors and waste inside the machine so that it can be operated with zero reject on site. Indeed, the machine can be installed in a machine shop with only electricity, compressed air and water inlet and without any connection to the drain.


Integrating all key process steps such as surface preparation (degreasing, activation,…) surface processing (anodisation, plating, phosphating, deburring…) rinsing and drying then becomes possible in a highly efficient and compact tool.  And, the Cyklos tool has the flexibility to process different parts sequentially either with identical carriers or carriers that have adapted part fixtures for different part designs.

Tornos Cyklos A 300

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