NEW Tornos Swiss ST26 Offers Three Turnkey Equipment Packs for "Starter", "Advanced" and "Medical" Turning Applications: Learn More in PMTS Booth 201



Plus, Don’t Miss Tornos’ Guided Product Tour during the PMTS “Machining Technologies Showcase” at 9:30 on Tuesday, April 16.


Columbus, OH, April 16-18, 2013 – The new Swiss ST 26 is a high performance Swiss type turning center with 7 linear axes + 2 C axes and two completely independent tool systems for parts up to 1 inch diameter (0.9 inch without bar prep) and up to 8.6 inches long with guidebush.  With an independent dual slide system, the Swiss ST 26 allows for pinch turning and pinch milling.


The Swiss ST 26 has a unique, modular design that provides a choice of three configurations, all with ESX20 collet: the “Starter” (with 3 drill/mill attachments), “Advanced” (with 5 drill/mill attachments), or “MedTech” ( with 3 mill/drill attachments for the main, and 5 mill/drill attachments for the counter, plus a threadwhirling unit).  All three configurations come with tool holders for 5 turning tools on the main plus another 3 turning tools on the main and counter; an offset tool block with 8 bores to accept holders for work in the main (4X) and counter (8X); a tool block with 2 bores to accept drill holders for deep drilling; and a two tool holder for end working positions with ESX20 collet.  


The Swiss ST 26 allows three tools in the cut simultaneously and up to 36 tools total (16 rotating). The system works with or without guidebush.  And because it’s a Tornos, you can expect a large, easy-access workzone (with access to tools from both sides of the machine) and the most powerful spindles in its class (0-10,000 rpm in just 0.9 seconds).  Additionally, an easy access control panel is mounted on a swiveling arm.  Designed for autonomy, the Swiss ST 26 has an open design for ideal chips evacuation into a large pan, automatic central lubrication system, and a large coolant tank.  


A wide selections of attachments and accessories are available for the Swiss ST 26; making this an extremely flexible solution for high-tech industries.


Check out this latest Tornos technology at PMTS 2013, booth 201, where Tornos will also be showcasing the new MultiSwiss and EvoDECO turning machines and the revolutionary Cyklos surface processing solution.


Also, be sure to check out Tornos’ guided product line tour during their PMTS “Machining Technologies Showcase” at 9:30 on Tuesday, April 16th.  The Tornos team will be on hand to answer your questions.