Think Parts...Think Tornos

This is the slogan chosen by the company to show that it offers solutions that are perfectly matched to the numerous sectors demanding both quality and productivity. The main sectors presented, which have recently purchased TORNOS machines, bear witness to the pervading presence and importance of precision turning in our contemporary world. Whether for small, medium-sized or large series runs, TORNOS will have YOUR solution!



Tornos Solutions

Automotive industry

Hundreds of parts are produced by precision turning, including in particular: drain screws, ball pivots, engine parts and elements used for suspension, the ABS systems, airbags, hydraulic system and so on.


Medical industry

The medical industry’s highly sophisticated applications and challenging materials such as titanium and stainless steel cast in vacuum) demand original machining solutions.  One revolutionary Tornos feature that is ideal for medical applications is our high speed thread whirling.   For bone screws, spinal hooks, dental implants, and more, Tornos has what you need for speed, precision and profitability.


Electronic and micro electronic industry

The technical trends in the electricity and electronics sector demand even more sophisticated developments to execute parts that are getting ever smaller and more complicated. All modern equipment, from computers to household goods, from mobile phones to televisions - they are all made of precision turned parts.


Precision machining

In the U.S., Tornos’ vast expertise in ultra precise Swiss watch-making parts (crowns, winding mechanisms, screws, balances) can be applied to many other precision industries with extraordinary results.